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    Hail Dowrgi, yeah I can understand how not much history of the Kabbalah at that time could kill my pet theory. But here is a new theory, all of the new religions like Christianity are nothing but the old religions that have new characters and gods standing in for the old gods. Such as Mother Mary for the earth Goddess, or Jesus for Angus OG, or god for Dagda, or the saints like Bridget for the goddess Bridget. What do you think about that? And I do think that this Crowley has strongly influenced druidism, and I am pretty sure he was into the Kabbalah. the Kabbalah also has a lot to do with being able to visualize, and there are a lot of druids who seem to think that it is important to be able to visualize. Further, if there is an overlay of the new on the old that means somewhere, there must be a Celtic god of forgiveness and mercy. But, most druids I have met are not really into Christianity, and the thing is I am thinking that a person’s religious orientation has a lot to do with how you see the world. I know that because I am a druid, I see nature different than a lot of other people who are not druids. Are you sure that the Kabbalah was not known in the beginning of the first century? I will have to investigate this more to be sure the Kabbalah was not around then. It almost seems that the druid spirituality is a counterculture to christianity, and sort of a new age movement that is part pop psychology, part channeling, part shamanism, and part living in the 5th century, so it tends to get a wee bit romanticized with the knights in the round table. Which is all find for a bard and I am not complaining. All I know is it works for me and makes me happy. I know that being a druid is a lot more fun that going to a church on Sunday. I would rather take a walk in the park with my time. And I love Celtic music. However, I am not out to change the world with druidry, I am just out to live a better and more spiritual life. In many ways, being a druid offers me an escape from the real world and an excuse to get out into nature. Plus I love being around magical people. I see druids as the new hippies, the ones who love tofu and beans and weed and want to live in caber houses in the new forest ecotopia. We are kind of like business men who go to Grateful Dead concerts, and then back to our coffee world jobs on Monday, but feeling a little less stressed. Plus, as a writer, the druid world is grand, and I write modern myth and not fantasy. You are really lucky to live where you do, and I hope you always really appreciate all the magical places and forests around you. Best Star Tree