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    Hi there.

    The trouble with Jesus being a Kabbalah master was that there is not much material historical evidence that the Kabbalah existed during Jesus’s lifetime, certainly not as we would understand it today, and historians generally point to around the 12th century CE. This is not to say that its spiritual tradition does not go back further, I don’t think anyone would doubt that. As for the young Jesus, don’t forget Luke 2:39-52 – when the boy Jesus astounds the wise and learned discussing matters with them in the Temple. Don’t forget either that there are many “other” books of the Christian New Testament which weren’t included in the “official” version, and those do speak of the boy Jesus doing miraculous things. Are they true? Are they invented? Are they hiding a deeper truth? That’s down to the individual I suppose. There is of course a strong folk tradition that a young Jesus came to the British Isles with Joseph of Arimathea – the Glastonbury Thorn tree, in which case, he would have been talking to druids, perhaps. Sadly, the Glastonbury Thorn, which was held sacred by many different spiritual groups, was vandalised in 2010 and removed once and for all in 2019.