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    Hi David.

    The Museum of Witchcraft is down in my neck of the woods. The museum has an eclectic collection of items from throughout the ages, I don’t believe it’s dedicated to any specific period or path and also holds items from around the world. The museum in Cornwall was opened by Cecil Williamson in 1960. Prior to that, he’d had a museum on Mann, founded in 1949, after having also founded one in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1947 but abandoning Stratford for Mann because, according to accounts, the locals in Stratford weren’t all too keen on it! During this time on Mann, Williamson’s friend, Gerald Gardner, was the “resident witch” in the museum. The museum was renamed the Museum of Magic and Witchcraft in 1951 after the repeal of the Witchcraft Act. It then seems that Williamson and Gardner’s friendship began to suffer and they both went their separate ways. After selling the museum on Mann to Gardner, he first moved to Windsor, where he again met with opposition from the local community and then to Bourton-on-the-Water where his museum suffered an arson attack. Williamson finally ended up in Cornwall where the current museum has been since 1960. I don’t know of any opposition or hostility from Cornish people towards the museum and certainly not anything that would warrant the museum being transferred again. The museum was sold to new ownership on Hallowe’en 1996.

    Apart from the colourful history of the museum(s) in question, Cecil Williamson is an interesting figure indeed, apparently he had worked for MI6 during the Second World War, investigation Nazi occult research and propaganda.