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david poole

    The Museum of Witchcraft is located in Boscastle in Cornwall, I think there is plenty of information on them online including their own website if you want to find out more. I think it came some time after Gerald Gardner so he did not draw from it, I think the Museum is meant to carry a legacy of witchcraft items that was created after wicca and 1951. I think some of it may be Alexandrian rather than Gardnerian. Tintagel is just down the road, this is extremely important for different reasons, Tintagel is connected with the legend of King Arthur but that is working with a completely different kind of energy. on another note, St. Nectan’s Glen is close nearby, all of these places are worth a visit so as you can imagine this whole area is a great place for pilgrimage as you might want to visit all of them. OBOD and the BDO are different but kind of connected as Carr-Gomm and Greywolf used to know each other in the past. You might find this out if you listen to some of the videos on the BDO Youtube channel or read some of the accounts, Greywolf wrote an article for Pagan Dawn once about the Free and Open Gorsedd of Caer Abiri where Carr-Gomm and Greywolf came together. OBOD is somewhat psychological and self analytical and inward and relies a lot on meditation, the BDO is a little more hands on and pagan and outgoing but that it just one point of view, I think this does broadly outline some of the differences. Both use classical literature such as the Mabinogion but in the BDO I think there is more emphasis on the medieval period and the creative arts. This is what I have seen so far.