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    HiDavid, yeah, it reads like an appositive, I see it. I was talking about Car Gomm, That is who I meant, and he is a really interesting person, He says that Ross Nichols visited him after Ross was dead and told him to start the OBOD, and I think Ross did visit Car Gomm after Ross was dead. I feel like I have felt the presence of Ross, and he is definitely a Celestial Druid now. Ross really was about getting people back to nature, and was just freaked out at how people were all moving into cities and industries of WW2, and had left the countryside. So, I think the neopagans should be a lot about getting back to nature, but one thing about neopagans is that that don’t like to be told what to do, and it is a mistake to ever try. I think there was some big fallout between the obod and Adf over if druidism was a religion or not. The ADF chief wanted druidism to be a religion and Car Gomm wanted it to stay kind of an individual spiritual journey. I am a member of the ADF but I don’t know much about it. I hope that druidism never becomes a religion because I like small groves, with Govekeepers, but I do know that a lot of druids feel very very very strong about environmentalism and many druids want to stop pollution and global warming, and that makes sense because all of us love nature, and if there is one thing that ties us all together it is the love of nature. Ross loved nature, but he did get up to some real witchy magic with Gardener. This story even gets more bizarre when you realize that Gardener got a lot of his stuff from a place called the witch museum. I have a book about the witch museum now, but it was and is basically a museum with a collection of tons of folk witchcraft located in England. Since you live there, it might be a cool trip to check it out. But if I lived where you are, I would be at Glastonbury tor, because that place is on a major Ley line and a really great place for magic and seeing into the future. Plus any spell work done there is like ten times more powerful because of the Ley energy, Not to mention New Grange, and all that other stuff in the south of England, it is like magic central there, so you are really lucky. I am starting to think that most neopagans have no problem with Wicca, and I love the witches and have always felt that they are right where it is at. The only problem I have is drawing down the moon, and letting some spirit (the moon goddess) take over the women’s body, and the man having the horn god take over his body. I do not want some spirit in my body. The only spirit I want in my body is my spirit. So I would never get involved in the Great Right. But all the other stuff I love. I think it would be really great to talk to our chief, Greywolf, and ask him what are the differences between the OBOD and the BDO. Druidism is a new spiritual movement, and the neodruids are really the ones who are going to have to decide where they want to take it. I hope the BDO never gets as big as the OBOD, because I just don’t trust really large organizations. Buy local, act local, small is beautiful. Oh, and I am getting ready to plant some Vervain, which is a sacred druid herb, and can only be harvested while standing naked on one foot, or at least that’s what I read. But I will just show some reverence towards the herb and wear clothes when I harvest it. Hope to post some pics of the vervain soon.