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david poole

    I have not read the Bonewits book but I think I spot an important mistake here. Isaac Bonewits used to be part of the ADF, an important perhaps the most important Druid order in America, he was never the Chief of OBOD. OBOD and the ADF are very different in their practices, so there is not really a comparison. The current chief of OBOD is Philip Carr Gomm, soon to be replaced by Eimar Burke in June (they will do this without any attendants, there will be a gathering next year in June 21 but Eimar will take over in June). I don’t know what Bonewits’s history is, so I can’t comment on that. OBOD and Wicca are somewhat connected, I think Ross Nichols, OBOD’s founder, knew Gerald Gardner and that they both attended the same naturist’s club. I don’t think Carr Gomm or Eimar are connected to wicca, although Carr-Gomm has spent time studying Jainism. I find your comments about Odin and the Runes quite interesting. I believe that Odin, in the form of Woden, does figure into the Bardic grade of the BDO and that Greywolf once had a vision of Woden, see also his song Song at Wodnesbeorg regarding this encounter. Has heathenry influenced the BDO? I am thinking that maybe it has.