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    Hail Dave the Druid 3X3, that is really great that you have read the Bonewits book. I am just reading it, and it is really interesting about all the different druid groups and the history of the druids. I am now just starting to really work out what the differences are and it is going to take some time because some of the druid groups are slippery as river frogs when it comes to what they really follow and believe in. I did find it interesting that according to Bonewits, the chief of the OBOD, does believe in the otherworld, and I do remember he started off as a witch and then became a druid. I also see where you throw the tarot and the runes. My take on the tarot is that it is based on the Kabbalah and Egyptian magic, and I have work with the tarot enough to know it works, it fact sometimes it seems too revealing. I also worked with the runes and found that they work, but I had to stop because Odin kept sending his Ravens around and it just got a bit too creepy for me. I am very interested in the ogam, and our chief, Greywolf, put out some ogam cards, or tree cards. I have not used them yet but I do think that they will work after I forge a better relationship with all the of the sacred druid trees. As you can tell from my posts, I am not a neodruid who is into being intellectual about druidism and following history. I follow myth and am more intuitive about my spirituality. I take a more long view of being a druid because I believe in reincarnation and the spiral arms of time. Maybe I am a stone druid or a star druid. I think I like calling myself a star druid more because the arms of the galaxies are in spiral arms. Best Star Tree