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    The use of herbs to stop the virus.

    Most neodruids do not understand the spiritual power of herbs to fight disease. It is the spiritual power and consciousness of the herb that is important, and the chemical makeup of the herb does none of the work in fighting disease. I think it is very sad that as the virus spreads the Pharma companies are making huge profits selling anti-anxiety drugs when fresh herbs would go a long way to solving the problem. Disease, if you can see it like a real druid can, is a living spiritual person. The current virus is a mean one and looks like a bright white skeleton of death. It came from the realm of death and is most evil and difficult to fight, but herbs can fight it because of the herbs’ spiritual forces. Many neodruids find this hard to believe because they want a rational explanation for everything. I encourage you to wash your hands and use social distancing, but I also as a druid firmly believe that using herbs will help in fighting this virus. Remember what Winston Churchill said, “ The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. So, try to open your mind to the spiritual healing power of herbs. Best Star Tree