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david poole

    I was really learning when writing this article and doing the research, which took many hours and searching through scores of different source, all online I admit but I possess a very restricted library. Some things I would not doubt, like the history parts or the chemistry parts, which appear fairly convincing. The warnings and advisories which I discovered appear to be honest and accurate, I would take some care in using some of this advice. In spite of that, and this was the point of the research as I was trying to teach myself as well as others, Willow is an extremely useful tree that can do so much and I might be trying some of the medicinal recommendations at some point. Surely developing a knowledge of natural remedies and cures is better than perpetually using commercial alternatives, providing that there are no ill consequences and I tried to find out as much as I could about that while researching. Where I found warnings and advice I made sue to include those comments. I was trying to stretch myself into an area where I really need to learn more, plants and herbs and healing, so there may be some shortcomings. Dowrgi, thank you for pointing out this issue. I am hoping to cover all thirteen of the trees in the lunar calender at some point, maybe one for each lunar month. I am also hoping to do more on healing plants and trees and their properties. Please let me know if there are any more cautions. Dave, thank you for pointing out that Willow and Sweet Meadow are sources of salic acid. I think if I am not mistaken that standard aspirin also irritates the stomach lining?