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    What do you make out of the idea of a Celtic Tree Calender Dowrgi?

    It’s a beautiful, interesting and highly intuitive idea and as long as we acknowledge that it is not really ancient or based on what we can demonstrate unequivocally as being ancient Irish ogham lore, I don’t see any harm in it. However, we do have a Celtic Calendar, the Coligny Calendar, and I personally think that is far more interesting, albeit far more challenging. Having said that, the Celtic peoples and their cultures didn’t suddenly freeze at some mystic point of time in the past and new interpretations of the old are positive and healthy – and this has always been the case anyway. My only objection is, at times, to when quite spurious stuff or blatantly “copied-pasted-from any other cultural tradition-translated-in-Welsh” materials are presented in such a manner as perhaps to convince that they are something they are not to the detriments of the more genuine folklore, traditions and culture of the Celtic peoples.