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    The Gaia Hypothesis from James Lovelock is something which I favour a lot. This is a Greek name but the idea is basically that planet Earth is a living organism, with thoughts, feelings and moods hence she can react to being hurt and can also have moods and temperaments just like any other creature. This basically makes the Earth a host while we are like parasites, and very harmful parasites at that. Not very reassuring for us in the long term unless we do something about it. This would make the Earth into a being which needs to be worshipped. Which is basically what we have to do.

    I very much agree with your sentiments David. Personally, I don’t think that we have to be parasites, we could choose to live in equilibrium with nature, as do/did hunter-gatherer societies around the world, and I don’t think we necessarily have to go back to some kind of living in the past that wouldn’t be feasible for most people either. If only we applied our technology and science for the greater good and not for … MONEY and PROFIT … then things could be a lot better. Something went wrong somewhere in the past, we started to become takers instead of borrowers. You can honour Gaia in many ways, but I’m a great believer in trying as best to practise what you preach, so cleaning up the litter left on the beach, for example, is as good a way as any to do this. What do you think?