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Dave TheDruid-3X3

Awens to All:

I will Hijack this thread to say Hello to All as well.

I came to my Awakening in the year 2000 and in 2003 started studying the Druidistic Arts. For a time, I studied with the OBOD then with the TDN. I have been a member of TDN since 2004.

I have Studied and Practiced Herbal Healing, the Divinatory Arts and 3X3 Triad Poetry Writing. I am a Devotee of Emma ‘Bobcat’ Restall-Orr, Geof ‘John Barleycorn’ Boswell, John Perks of Celtic Buddhism and Orai Fujikawa of Jodo Shinshu Japanese Buddhism. I am also well acquainted with Philip Carr-Gomme.

I am also have a E-Book on Druidistic Triads which is a Free Download.

For the moment, I am satisfied with where I am but when the mood takes me, I would not mind eventually taking some of your Courses on Druidism.

Dave TheDruid-3X3