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    Hi Ragnarsson,
    I was brought up by atheists, so had no church to get out from under, except the church of atheism, to which my parents were quite deeply attached! My Druid revelation came through reading Robert Graves’ ‘The White Goddess.’ I still love the book because it opened the path to me. I wouldn’t especially recommend it to anyone else though. It’s a very dense and difficult read and a lot of what Graves says about, for example, the poems of Taliesin, is extremely misleading. As said, though, it did set me off on the path I still find myself on 46 years later. I thank the gods that I lived to be a pensioner, not least because the state pension is largely what’s keeping food on the table for myself and the two of my offspring who still live with me! Also, as my long grey hair continues to fall out, I can feel less self-conscious about referring to myself as a Druid Elder 😉
    Many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\