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    Personally, I’ve always been extremely fond of the past, or rather certain aspects of it, due to having always had the feeling that I was born out of time and have struggled with a lot of modern life, like telephones, tax offices, polluting industries, lying politicians and pointless celebrity culture. Hence I play archaic musical instruments and occasionally build Iron Age roundhouses. Having discovered Druidry in the 1970s, there were no how-to books or courses to be found, so my way into the path was through a combination of archaeology and medieval literature, which is why I remain strongly attached to both and believe they have a lot to offer. None of which means I live in an iron Age theme park speaking nothing but Old Welsh. My house was built in 1991 and, with the exception of English, I’m fairly crap at languages. I have learnt to adapt to life in the 21st century, although there are still many things about it that I find baffling, annoying or ridiculous. All three terms, for example, apply to the obscene amounts of money spent on arms when so many people in the world lack enough food to eat or access to clean water and decent health care and education. Of course, human nature hasn’t fundamentally changed and there were stupid, greedy, irritating people throughout history, just fewer of them due to lower population densities and less likelihood that you’d hear from them because there was no mass communication bombarding us with their opinions every minute of the day. I think, on the whole, I’m probably better suited to the Iron Age than the 21st century. Then again, I would hugely miss being able to carry 40,000 music tracks around on a device that fits in my pocket!
    Greywolf /|\