Reply To: Bookshelf


    I thought it might be about time to add a couple of tomes to the bookshelf.

    The Celtic Heroic Age: Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe & Early Ireland & Wales
    John T. Koch & John Carey, Celtic Studies Publications (4 Edition: 2013)

    Personal view: a great resource book with a vast range of materials from across the Celtic-speaking areas. It contains interesting notes/explanations and has a lot of materials that might be hard to find outside very academic collections. I’d thoroughly recommend it.

    The Mabinogion
    Sioned Davies, Oxford World’s Classics (2008)

    Personal view: the translation is very readable and not couched in archaic language, so it feels modern without losing its medieval “flavour” or compromising its character. The detailed notes and explanations are of great help to non-Welsh speakers and provide much greater insight into the tales and their mythos.