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    Dowrgi, I am talking about the language that Taliesin wrote in, he wrote in an old form of welsh. I don’t know about irish, Plus the Cornish had their own language deal. and The welsh were not Brits, you are dreaming
    on that one. The welsh were separate from the Britts.Why don’t you go on over to Wales and tell them that the Welsh are Britts. I think you will get a strong disagreement on that one and probably have to run for it. Further the Bretons are a whole other deal. . Look you wipe out a language and you wipe out a culture. That lot down in London tried to do it to the Scottish. And the white people in America did it to the blacks. Language is the most powerful force on earth. Again, as a bard you should understand this. Moreover, people all over the world of numerous faiths are following a faith that has been rammed
    down their throats by the English army at the end of bayonet and a firing squad. At the end of the day , Dowrgi, and oak tree can speak English if it has grown up around English speaking people. I have talked to many oak trees in English. But it is not up to the oak trees to
    speak English, it is up for us to speak their language, their consciousness,. And no, you can’t just talk to an oak tree in any language you want. And again, the Scotts and Welsh are not Britts. Try telling a glassweign that he is a Britt.,