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    Hi Dowrgi, You live in England where there are lots of faeries, but I live in Virginia, in the good old USA, and there are a lot of the good folk here too. What you probably don’t know is that the good folk are
    all over the world, and even in Hawaii, they are able to cross dimensional boundaries, So here is a story that happened to me. I tried to stop smoking for years, and never could until I met the Tuatha de Dannnan.
    Now, it was such a great honor to meet them, that I stopped smoking because they told me to. but I also think that they are on a higher spiritual level than we are. You know, higher up, more enlightened, and when I met them some of it
    rubbed off on me. People talked about this happening when they met Buddha or christ. Anyway, the Tuatha de dannan are not just in the uk. They look like children at first, and if you were not in the know, you
    would experience them as children and not think twice about it. But they are not children, and if you look closer, you will notice that they are dressed in adult faery wear, and it is beautiful. So, there really are faeries
    all over the world and the christian church has brained washed its followers to not believe in the faeries, or ghosts, or anything from the otherworld. I disagree with your argument about leaving the faeries alone.
    I have contact with them all the time, and love the red hats. They are great musicians, and many of the Celtic songs come from the faeries. So, if you want to meet them, get a harp, for they most of all the good folk love harp music.
    And the faeries look after and protect my property, which is good because I live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of crack addicts and dealers. I believe that the faeries are the druids friends and it is normal
    for druids to be the faeries friends. Now, if you are a real druid, you will know it, and no amount of druid certificates or badges will make you a druid. I really like what David said about badges and certificates. David
    made the comment that the certificates are a way to prove to yourself that you worked hard on studying the craft of being a bard or and ovate. This makes perfect sense, and is a really good way to look at the course.
    But remember, everything in the faery world is upside down from ours, just a hint at how it works. best star tree, Also, if you are smoking, stop, the faeries don’t like it. And why ruin your health. The tuatha de dannan told
    me that clean air is beautiful, and that it is important to have clean are for magic. Just think of all the magic that floats around in clean air, all the life force.