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    Hi Dowgi, Laudanum is the same as smack, they are both opiates and get you high as a kite. Further, the christian clergy are a bunch of punters and in it for the money and perks, and I stand by that, just look at all the child abuse in the Catholic Church. The early druids like Stukeley were more interested in nationalism than being druids, they were Harry Potter druids. Look, codifying what a druid is already on the stove, so I think we should have something like the Witches Reed. The Witches Reed gives everybody a good starting point. But, important to leave it up to
    each grove on what they want to do. Main thing is never have a central druid church. We always need to work is small groves. And many of the books on druids already have started to narrow the definition of what a druid is. Plus, there is a thing called rhetoric, and if the druids don’t define what they are the press will, and it may not be a good thing. Movements rise and fall on rhetoric, an so do nations, and spiritual movements. I say think for yourself, and question everything, and don’t follow leaders. I am just trying to nail down some common things we can all agree on. Again, it is up to each grove to decide what they are about. Further, I think there was a real chance that Iolo could have been charged with witchcraft or even local gangs could have gotten him. People are afraid of what they don’t understand, and anything that smells of witchcraft scares people because they are afraid a witch will use his or
    her knowledge to hurt someone in the community. There are still witch hunters in the world today, and people still are killed for being accused of being a witch.
    There are people who give their souls to the devil, and the occult can be a dangerous world, so it might be a good idea that everyone is on the same wavelength when they start calling themselves a druid. I think I have answered most of your arguments, and I applaud you for questioning things, because it is only through lot of questions that you become wise. I think it is fine to disagree and that is always a good thing. And jus to get it clear about the christian deal with me. I do not believe in everything in the Bible like some christians. But do you really think that it would be good to have satan worshiping druids. Because as soon as you start saying this is so, you are not saying that is so, and that is false logic. I personally don’
    t want to be around anyone who worships satan, and there are lines I don’t cross. Evil is real, and to be avoided, and evil is so dark that you would not want to get near it if you had ever really experienced it. I know lots of druids don’t believe in god or the goddesses or satan and being a druid is all about one big party, but I am not that kind of druid. When you start messing with magic you better know what you are doing, or you are going to get into a lot of trouble quick. Magic is not a game or a video game. It deals with intention, focus, power, and change. It deals with the spiritual dimension of life. Plus opiates in all their forms are dangerous and should never be used because they will suck the very life force out of you. Also, did you ever think that many christians, and I mean people who work as minister, are not really christians, but just in it because they don’t know what other job they could get in the real world with a bachelors degree in English. I know plenty of ministers who have told me they don’t believe in christ. Minister lie all the time. And many people follow ministers like a cult, just look at Jim jones and the people who drank the cool-aid. the fact is that we either define what a druid is or someone else will. No amount of new age bliss can change the fact that there is real evil in the world, and I accept the fact that evil is real and don’t try to hide from the truth, so I avoid evil people and places. If you want to meet the devil I assure you he will be more that happy to trade for your soul, and you will find him if you go looking. There is nothing glorious about opiate use, or meth use, or coke use. I don’t care what famous writer of musician used opiates, they were all losers after they got addicted. Agin the druids have been around for millions of years. So it does not make sense to me why you want to keep dwelling on the druids of the 1800s. And what will and not be successful all depends on marketing and Rhetoric, the world corporations, or as I call them the global citizen, knows all about rhetoric and marketing. As a Bard you should understand that., Best star tree

    A Wingful Of Eyes
    There is a feeling we all know
    Something happened long ago
    When you remember who you were
    Makes you what you are today
    You are a kite upon the wind
    Blowing through eternity
    And you were always meant to fly
    You are a wingful of eyes
    And you rise
    And you’re floating in ecstasy
    And your eyes
    And your eyes are open wide
    You’ll be dancing to the seven skies
    Your eyes are wise, you’re wise, you’re wise
    Your eyes, and you rise…
    Learning to turn our fears into hopes
    Turning, it’s turning the angeless we long for
    And a great wind is blowing, it’s sowing love
    The seed of a new age
    And the seed that they’re sowing, it’s showing us
    How we will, will, will be…
    Now we’re learning how to live to love
    To live to…