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    David, I read all the druid stories I can, and they are important clues to who the Celtic Gods and goddesses are. I have also started reading the Robert Hutton dude, and it is starting to seem that he has many of the same ideas I have, so it is making me feel not so weird. I just try to be aware that the otherworld is interwoven with ours everyday, and that the gods and goddesses are among us, and not that hard to access. I have tons of faery people around my house, and I mean a lot of them. So here is a funny story.
    I asked the faery folks if they would like to go to the mall with me, and they said yes, so we all got together and rode to the mall in a minivan that I had. Alright, when we got tho the mall, and this is one of those big American indoor malls, I am not sure if you have them in merry old England. The faeries that I am talking about are the sylphs, the air faeries, and yes they do look exactly like Walt Disneys tinker bell. Anyway when we went past the GNC store, which is a store that sell all kinds of herbs in bottles,
    the faeries started knocking all the bottles off the shelves because they were trying to get to the herbs. It was really funny because bottles of herbs were flying all over the store and the clerk was freaking out. I decide to keep walking because I did not want to try to explain to the clerk that the faeries were knocking the bottles off the shelves. So, it might be a good idea not to invite the faeries into a herb store, or it could be a problem, True story. Looking forward the beltaine, will probably spend it in Pocahontas state park in virgina, maybe I will find some liberty cap, it grows all around here, and the American Indians drudged some of the early English settlers at Jamestown with it, and then ran around all night making weird noises and freaking the colonist out who had been stealing the Indian’s food. I was never cool with living here because it is American Indian land that was stolen from them, but then by dead spirit son, who was American Indian, and killed by his mother in an abortion, came to me and told me “Dad, it is cool, you got a pass with the Indians. I feel like I was once or several times an American Indian in past lives. And I have had a number of American Indian girlfriends. It is cool now to be druid in Va, and I hope I can start a grove here in virginia, maybe an BDO grove, for the BDO seems to be full or really decent people and I think Greywolf is a cool dude, who is real. I have a feeling that the American Indians are a lot like the druids. Anyway, best, may you always be a peace, Star Tree