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    Dear Eadha, I agree that there are many things that are similar in both druidry and witchcraft, and I think highly of the witches. I think that witches and druids should
    alway be friends. I also think that druids should cast magic circles just like the witches do, although some druids do not think casting a magic circle is so important.
    Also, druids do spellwork. So, in many ways the druids and the witches are the same. What I am looking at is how we differ. Plus, there are many different types of witches, such
    as Wiccan and Gardner and folk witches, so it is not really fair to use the word witch without more a specific branch of witchcraft. Further, there are many famous modern druids that
    started out learning the craft as witches. I know that Philip Car-Comm, not our Philip, Philip Shallcrass, wrote a book called Druidcraft, and the book talked about how similar
    Druidry is to witchcraft. Also, Druidry, like witchcraft, is a highly personalized and individualized way of spirituality, and I doubt that you could get fifteen druids to agree to
    anything, so I hope I have not made any rash statements. I assure you that I am only trying to explore the subject, and not trying to state any type of rule or dogma. So here is what I
    think about some things. I feel that there are witches who make deals with spiritual entities to gain power, and these deals can be in the form of a bargain. I live in an area in
    the U.S.A were there is a lot of voodoo, and Papa Legba is always trying to get peoples souls in exchange for a bargain in this region. I have seen people walking around who are victims
    of his trade and it is terrifying. I know that the word witch should not carry any meaning of a satan worshiper, but the Christian Church has brainwashed the people in the area where
    I live, so if they see me wearing a pentacle, they call me a satan worshiper. Needless to say, I wear my pentacle under my shirt, well out of site. And if I ever told someone that I
    am a witch, they would shout devil worshiper. If I tell someone I am a druid, they go what’s that man. And I just say that it means that I like nature and leave it at that. Further, I
    don’t think that druids should make deals with spirits and fetches because we don’t need to. I treat the Celtic Gods and goddesses with respect like I would a good friend. Also, I don’t
    think druids should ever practice baneful magic, but I do agree on banishing spells or spells of protection agains evil people and evil spirits. I would never want to see a situation where
    a witch would not be welcome to be a druid, and I think that witches can be druids, but it is really interesting to me about what is the difference between witches and druids because we
    share so much in common. Also, I think there is a lord and lady of the woods, and there definitely are fawns that look somewhat like the hoofed satan figure, but they are not satan, they are
    just wonderful woodland spirits and I think they also like dancing. Further in druidry, I see the otherworld as being alive and interwoven with ours, and I firmly believe that herbs have
    spirits and that is where the real power of herbcraft is, not just in the chemical makeup. So what is the most important difference between witchcraft and Druidry? Best Star Tree and many blessings
    with perfect love, and perfect peace