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    Hi again, Dowrgi.
    Yes, lots of different traditions, and I kind of mis-spoke when I characterised myself as ‘wiccan’. It’s an easier terminology, but I really don’t do high ritual, and as such my reply might seem disingenuous. I do a lot of pathworking, and trying to work within the Will of a greater spirit, rather than moulding parts of the universe to my will, so I really don’t ‘qualify’ as any specific traditional at the moment. I’m basically a folklore/earth/circle-ritual borderline pagan with a penchant for runes and crone goddesses. Oh, and moonlight. But I love how druidry brings much needed sun/masculine energy in, and my creativity has been wonderfully tickled by the Awen, which is lovely.
    Just wanted to chime in, really.
    Re: reincarnation – I reckon. I think we see echoes of past lives, I really do. It’s something I work with/on.