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    You’re welcome.

    I’ve been dedicating myself to the poetry, I’ve set myself a challenge of trying to compose a poem in every meter outlined in the Earthsongs Booklet. I’m using the examples given therein to help me because it’s actually quite difficult to stick to the number of syllables, respect the rhyme schemes and the natural beat or rhythm of the words and come up with something meaningful that isn’t just a word salad! I’ve granted myself a little bit of poetic licence with the alliteration. So far, I’ve managed to compose eight (one for each of the first eight meters). I think these meters may be harder in English than in the original Welsh for which they were intended! I wish I could write some in Cornish, but my Cornish is, sadly, nowhere near good enough. I thought about mixing a few Cornish words and phrases I know into the verses, but I’m in two minds about that – it kind of feels like cheating. What do you reckon?

    I’ve also been working on the retelling of a Cornish folklore story in verse form, but not according to strict meter. It’s a work in progress, so there’s a long way to go yet. Every time I think it’s okay, I leave it for a day, go back and then think: “Well, that’s rubbish,” so I have to change bits! :-D Nevertheless, it’s a great exercise in broadening your vocabulary and I tell you what, I keep finding myself thinking up little rhymes lately too.

    Anyway, keep up your great work and it’s good to see you your in good spirits.

    Wish me well with mine!