Reply To: Bardic Journal


    I think it is good idea to keep some type of book you can write in by the bed, so if you wake up, you can write down what you were dreaming about. Dreams seem to be a portal to the otherworld, and I have been up on the astral planes and met all kinds of faery people, they tend to dress in glittering clothes and it is sometimes too much for my senses. Journals can be dangerous because people who should not be reading them can find them and get to private information. No matter how far we have come, it can still be dangerous to be a druid, and if someone says they are a witch, most people think they are followers of satan. People have been brainwashed for thousands of years and over 9 million witches have been tourtured and Burt and murdered by christians.
    People fear people who communicate with the otherworld. Even gay people are still without their rights in many places in the world. I would be cool about it and personally don’t see a reason for a journal. Best Star tree