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    I wonder how many Druids went through the same revelation as myself. Now a so called pensioner, I travelled the world from the age of 16 and in doing so , saw and encountered many things this world has to give. my later life was one of the normal pattern of most peoples lives and that was getting married ,having children etc,. The one constant link through it all was my love of trees, Forests, mountains , oceans and solitude whilst being there. As most people in the UK I was raised being told my religion was church of England and I really never questioned it although it never really meant anything to me. It was only after reading a pagan letter and looking into it a bit further, that everything fell into place and I realized that all my life I had actually been a Druid. Added to this the fact I have always had flashbacks to other times , where the images have been very intense and that my visions of things to come so often do happen. I am so glad that even at my age all this was eventually understood, I can honestly look too my spiritual future with much more clarity and understanding. Ragnarsson

    Hello Russ.

    Dynnargh dhis! Welcome!

    That’s a very deep and sincere introduction. I can understand where you’re coming from. I was perhaps lucky as I was brought up with all of our “traditions” in a sense, and there was never really any conflict between them so to speak.

    As a lad, I was always happiest when wandering around the woods, paddling in streams or getting lost on Bodmin Moor! Well, that was once, but I remember actually feeling happy about being lost and not feeling lost at all – if any of that makes sense.