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    Hello Ragnarsson, And welcome home. Yes you have always been a druid. and you live in the most wonderful place to be a druid, the UK. You will find the power spots like Glastonbury tor will enhance your mind and help you in remembering. There are also many stone circles. and spell craft in a power spot is always ten time stronger, and meditation there is more uplifting because the otherworld is closer there, and it is easier to go through the hedge there. For me, my Celtic mind can live with paradox, and I am both a christian and a druid. I think that druids are kind and loving people. And I love the Celtic stories and live in them. I also did not realize that I was druid until late in life. It was only when I accepted my Celtic heritage and culture that I started to heal and feel better about life. I encourage you to play original Celtic music. Harps are easy to play, and the Pilgrim harp company makes the ashdown harp. Also, the good folks, the faeries are all around the UK, and all the druid trees are in the UK. This is the time that the druid consciousness is returning to the world. Many people are starting to remember that they were and are druids. I wish you big sails on your journeys to the druid sacred sites in the UK, and hope to go to many of those places in my life. Best Star-tree