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    Hello again. I see. I was just curious because you said the British had poured concrete into it and I wasn’t aware of this. It seems like work was actually done by Irish academics and experts in the field of archaeology and conservation of ancient monuments.

    It’s always a dilemma with ancient monuments, but, to be fair, Newgrange was in a very bad state before the 1960s. I’m sure the good people of the mounds appreciate it that someone is caring for their otherworldly home. It’s similar with Stonehenge in a way, the whole complex was rearranged and tidied up in the 1930s if I’m not mistaken. What do you do? Let them fall down and disappear forever?

    I’m not sure about concrete, after all, it’s mineral based and the Egyptians were using early forms of concrete/cement 5000 years ago, so I wouldn’t be so harsh on those who are seeking to preserve and learn from these sites either. Restoration work always courts controversy at the best of times.

    As an aside, someone claiming to be a druid and then seeking to restore the realm of King Arthur and the Round Table, in the name of some kind of “Celtic” nationalism, should really go back to their history books. The Round Table was a medieval Norman invention, it isn’t found in the Welsh texts. Much like Merlin, the “historical” figure(s) has/have long been forgotten and we’re left with the composite figure invented by Geoffrey of Monmouth, moreover, a figure which, with later embellishments, has come to define Merlin in many ways. This is a shame, in a sense, because the story of the “real” Merlin, Myrddin Wyllt, is quite tragic yet also very informative for people studying to be bards and druids in our times.