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    It was the restoration work in the 60’s and 70’s, There was no urgent work necessary and they were only trying to make so that they could bring the tourist in without liability. The Problem Dowrigi is that concrete is not living stone and does not carry the same life force in it. The concrete slabs were extensive, and were put all along the entrance way to the vaulted chambers in the back. But in doing this they seriously hurt a world heritage site, and it is this type of thing that has to stop. There is nothing to be done now, but I hope the druids can stop or protest this type of stuff in the future. There are some really magical places in Scotland and Ireland and England, and the people in government just do not understand what they are. And of course there are local people who want to make money off of tourism. The magical world is still and will always be hidden to those who are not in the know. They don’t understand what the places really are, and even many so called druids do not have the first clue. There are many druids who are not looking for the spiritual side of druidism, they are only looking for the cultural and historical side of druidism, trying to bring back the heroic days of king author and the roundtable. This started in about 1880 and is still going strong. It is really more about nationalism than druidism. Druidism was marketed to the rich judges and lawyers and doctors and lords and ladies as a game and a reenactment. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is not what real druids are about. We are not about being cops and judges. We are not doctors, but we are healers. We are not royalty, but we are royal in our kindness and love towards nature. We do not, and never have hurt people, and we have never used our magic powers to hurt any person or animal. Again we are not cops, or warriors of the Morgan. We are not the judges, and we are not the doctors. No druid is ever going to around policing people and judging people. Druids who have walked through the hedge and experienced the otherworld know this is true.