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    How can we understand what a druid is unless we use their language, which welsh is very close to, like the world experience, which is Profiad, or brofiad in welsh. Druids would profiad or brofiad life. I like brofiad better. You have to brofiad life. Unerstanding is all about the language, and there is no way to understand a culture without using their language because their words hold different meaning, and ways of understanding things. I think I will brofiad that tree, and be the tree, be the brofiad. And profedig the tree, dude. Welsh is the closest language to old gaelic. Taliesin would have been written is something like welsh, and we get the word awen from welsh. Early English in the Canterbury tales is much prettier than modern English. When we lose language we lose culture, and much more, we lose understanding of spirituality. And what better way to wipe out the scotish and irish than to try to wipe out their language like the british did. Even today there are Scottish people who are against learning gaelic. The words are the reality. Inspiration is not the same thing as awen. The welsh at least are holding onto their language. And if welsh was lost we would lose much more than language, we would lose magic and reality. So, I will profedig life.