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    these are great replies, and please, never take anything I say as dogma, or too seriously. I feel that being a druid does mean you are a wee bit playful, and not like someone who has been put in a blender, and then poured into a little druid mold, and then put into some oven and baked until done, so that you can live your life as a druid groupie of some pagan leader who has lots of fans. Being a druid is not a cult of personality where you believe every bit of dogma that some famous pagan says. But sadly, there are always people out there who are lost, and hurt, and are looking for a savior. Of course, it is important to study history so that we can shine a light on the present, even if it is only a candle light. I really like what Graywolf was talking about in the first bard lessons because I like the idea that we are druids living in a modern age with all this great technology, and we should be happy about our lives where they are now, and we don’t have to be all sad that we are not back in the 5th, century. Also, Graywolf is a really good druid who teaches for the right reasons. So the BDO is a good place to be and a fun place to be, and is not all full of gloomy druids. Druids know that the world is a wondrous and marvelous place, even though there are bad things in the world. We walk through life with the inspiration of awen and the inspiration of nature lifting up our hearts. We live in the continuum of the spiral of life, accepting the truth of life, the paradox of the flowing stream and the charted ocean, being flexible, and also determined and focused. Plus, I like dressing up in the white robes, and gold torcs, and crowns of holly and mistletoe, celebrating the change of the seasons, and honoring and being grateful for the gifts of the great Mother Earth.

    Many, Many, Blessings, Star-tree