What is Druidry?

Greywolf Contemporary Shamanic Druidry

BDO Druidry is a contemporary living spiritual tradition based on the earliest native spirituality of Britain and Europe of which any written record survives. Druidry developed during the European Iron Age that began almost 3,000 years ago, but grew out of an even earlier stratum of practice and belief.

Druidry is traditionally divided into three areas of study and practice; those of Bard, Ovate and Druid.

  • Bards are keepers of tradition, storytellers, singers, poets, musicians, creative artists;
  • Ovates are seers, diviners, philosophers and healers;
  • Druids are teachers, ritualists, counsellors and shamans.

Druidry has been renewed or reinvented by successive generations in ways relevant to their own time. Ancient Druids left no written record of their beliefs and practices, though Greek and Roman writers refer to them. Modern Druid groups draw on different aspects of the past and rework them in different ways, from friendly societies founded in the 18th century to wild eco-warriors.

Contemporary pagan Druidry offers ways to reconnect with the cycles of life, the spirits of nature, our ancestors and their gods. Like all spiritual traditions, its ultimate goal is unity with the infinite.