Druidry: A Practical & Inspirational Guide – now in paperback!

Following the successful publication of the new, revised and hugely expanded edition of Druidry: AP&IG by BDO founder Philip Shallcrass (Greywolf) in hardback at the start of the year, we’re delighted to announce it’s now available in paperback. All the same yummy goodness covering the three paths of bard, ovate and Druid from a uniquely BDO perspective, all the same gorgeous illustrations and handy diagrams, but for half the price! How do we do it? Pretty much everything in the first edition is still there, including all the practical exercises, but the text has expanded to about double the previous length to incorporate a lot of new material, increasing the depth of coverage in many areas. Among other things, you’ll find guides to the sacred circle, the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year, the history of Druidry from the earliest times to the present day, ancestors, gods and spirits, mythology and folklore, the construction and performance of ritual, shape-shifting and much more. Includes ceremonial speeches that featured in the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics, where BDO Druidry appeared alongside Coldplay, Rihanna and Jay-Z.
204 pages, 9×6 inches, indexed and illustrated with drawings, photographs and diagrams.

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Druidry: A Practical & Inspirational Guide - cover

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