Druidry: A Practical & Inspirational Guide – new edition now available!

The first edition of Druidry: A Practical & Inspirational Guide by BDO founder, Philip Shallcrass (Greywolf), certainly lived up to its title. Inspiring many newcomers to adopt Druidry as their spiritual path, it inspired others with years of experience in Druidry and Paganism to look at the tradition in a fresh light. This new edition, published by Pretanic Press on 20th March, 2023, is more than double the length of the first, incorporating much new material. Like its predecessor, it includes numerous practical exercises designed to help readers explore the three interwoven paths of bard, ovate and Druid. Areas covered include the sources of modern Druidry, its core beliefs and the ethics that flow from them, the development of Druidry from prehistory to the present day, the sacred circle, the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year, Celtic myths and legends, divination and seership, healing, ritual, animal powers and shape-shifting.
It’s a beautifully produced hardback bound in dark blue cloth with a full-colour dust jacket, more than 30 black-and-white illustrations, a comprehensive index and a brand new foreword.
Available now from the BDO webshop: https://www.druidry.co.uk/shop/books-magazines/druidry-a-practical-inspirational-guide/

Druidry: A Practical & Inspirational Guide - cover
Cover photo by Elaine Gregory shows Greywolf in our Iron Age roundhouse

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