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Ovate Course

BDO Ovate Course Booklet 1“...another remarkable achievement, of a unique level of sophistication and erudition for a Druidic correspondence course, even at this level...” Professor Ronald Hutton, Head of the Department of Humanities at the University of Bristol, author of Pagan Britain, Blood & Mistletoe: The History of the Druids in Britain, The Druids, Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles, &c..

I find myself feeling the presence of other beings as I walk, and feel them as fellow travelers in mutual aid. And I’ve finally arrived at a place I can make offerings to the gods and spirits, and do rituals, and really feel it and mean it versus going through the motions because I think I ought to. Finally, I feel the connections I’ve heard others speak of, but found so elusive to find on my own.” Ovate student, Minnesota, USA.

Watchwords of the Ovate journey are: The Wheel of the Year; Seership; Divination; Trees; Herbs; Natural Philosophy; Healing; Rites of Passage. Our Ovate course follows the journey of human existence around the wheel of life from birth to death, tracing the parallel journeys of sun and moon through the seasons of the year. Each phase of being is related to our growing understanding of ourselves, the universe and our developing interactions with it. Delving deep into classical and little-known medieval sources, we've discovered extraordinary 'lost' native healing techniques as well as offering a fresh interpretation of the Ogham alphabet and a variety of ways of working with it in divination, magic and spiritual exercises. These are supported by the inclusion of a free set of Ogham cards, smaller cousins of those available from our webshop. Also included are a guide to Druidic star lore and astrology, a complete Druid herbal, and complete sets of fully scripted rites of passage and ceremonies for the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year. The course is challenging on many levels, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. The training wheels are off, so strap in tight, it's quite a ride! NB. To access our Ovate course, you will need to have completed the Bardic first as each course builds on the preceding one(s). Courses can be paid for via Paypal using any credit or debit card.

Our Ovate CourOvate 2 The Path of the Seerse, like the Bardic, is delivered in pdf format in six packages of four booklets each, available every two months. Each booklet is illustrated in full colour and averages 50 pages in length, the total word-count of the course as a whole being around 550,000. To see sample pages from the course click on the link here or continue to read the outline below then click the link at the bottom of the page.

Ovate Course Outline

Package 1: Creation; Birth; Blessing the Newborn; Beginnings; Cosmology; Divination as communing with, and attempting to understand, the divine. Developing sensitivity and reason. Ogham history, meaning, use in divination and magic, card oracles, etc. Rites of the Moon, rites of Midwinter and early Spring, rites of passage for birth and childhood.

Package 2: Seership, the Second Sight, the Faery Folk, augury, the awenyddion, the two Merlins, Seidr; Star lore, astrology; Learning and Growth; Adolescence; Sexual Awakening; Puberty rites of passage; Rites of Spring; the Book of the Taking of Ireland; the Prophecies of Merlin.

Package 3: The Healing Arts. Dian Cecht, the Irish healer god; Healing waters, their goddesses and gods, herbalism, meditation, massage, spirit healing, sound healing, hymns, offerings and incantations. The Twelve Doorways of the Soul. Sacred and magical trees. Rites of Summer, marriage rite, Full Moon rites.

Package 4: A DruidOvate booklet 17 cover Herbal. Ogham tree exercises. Spirits of Trees.  Incenses. The Waning Moon. Rites of full Summer, harvest, maturity; opening to a deeper understanding of spirit, how it moves through our lives and the universe and how we interact with it. Handfasting.

Package 5: The Ways of the Gods; Age; Pagan Theology. Insanity and Inspiration. Spirits of Place. Wisewoman rite. Meditations to deepen understanding and enhance practice. The Power of Three. The Cauldron of Motion. Serpent Power. Prayer.

Package 6: Hallowe'en. Dealing with death and dying. What happens to us when we die? Funeral rites. The dark of the Moon. The power of eclipses. The Soul Friend. Spirit guides and guardians. A night vigil and a vision quest.

Click to open or download a BDO Ovate Course Sampler (786kb pdf file).