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Who’s Who at the BDO?

Greywolf (aka Philip Shallcrass) pops up all over this website, so we shan't waste too much time on him 🙂 Suffice to say, the BDO stems from his realisation he was a Druid in 1974 and his simultaneous realisation that Druids were the shamanic folk of ancient Britain and Europe. He has been chief of the BDO since 1979, sharing the role with Bobcat (aka Emma Restall Orr) between 1995 and 2002. He is a writer, musician, singer-songwriter, artist, roundhouse builder and thatcher. He currently lives in Wiltshire with two of his three sons, not far from his beloved Avebury. He writes regular blogs on Greywolf's Lair.

Elaine GregoryElaine Gregory (aka Elaine Wildways on facebook) is an artist and potter who devotes most of her time to running the Wild Ways retreat centre in Shropshire. She is one of the people responsible for us now having distance learning courses (for the other, see below). She has been a mainstay of BDO events, management and ceremonial life since the mid-00s, is a major contributor to our courses as well as a course tutor, provided land, resources and a lot of manual labour to our beautiful roundhouse, manages our webshop and does more other things than you can shake a Druidical staff at. Her major contributions to the courses include a series of seasonal ceremonies and rites of passage put together for our Ovate course. She is ably supported in all she does by:

Garth ReynoldsGarth Reynolds, who co-runs the Wild Ways retreat centre with Elaine. A lifelong Quaker and pacifist, Garth has been a member of OBOD for many years, during many of which he was gatekeeper for OBOD camps, a position he held longer than anyone else in their 20-year history. He has a lifetime's experience as a craftsman in wood, producing everything from beautiful furniture in ths style of Charles Rennie MacIntosh, through exquisite card boxes to the pivots on which our roundhouse doors swing. You can see some of Garth's work here.


Adam SargantAdam Sargant is our resident genius of all things web-related and the guy you get through to if you use our techsupport email address. Adam's also currently handling the BDO enquiries emails with his characteristic efficiency. He is also primary moderator on our online forums, which he set up for us. He's also the eminence gris behind the tech side of the webshop, website, email newsletters and much more besides. He also contributes to our courses as well as being a fine didgeridoo player, storyteller and all-round bonzer bard. The rest of his skill-set is too extensive to list, but visit his own website here for a flavour.

Elen HawkeElen Hawke (aka Flick Merauld) is a talented and successful writer of both fiction and non-fiction and is another major course contributor and tutor, drawing on her decades of experience as a Wiccan priestess and a Druid. Her Ovate course contributions focus on the lore of moon and stars and related ceremonies, meditations and spiritual practices. Check out her books. She really does write very well.

Leon ReedLeon Reed (aka Tall Pine - I believe he's 6' 7") has been a Wiccan High Priest for about as long as anyone can remember and a Druid for almost as long. He is another major contributor to our courses, giving us the entirety of the herbal he's compiled over 20 years as a Druid herbalist as well as writing on Celtic star lore. He lives in Seattle, where he has been a prime mover in the BDO-founded Gorsedd of Bards of Car Pugetia since its inception back in the mid-90s. He teaches Druidry, Wicca, Ritual Magic, Astrology and Herblore.

Robin Willaimson

Robin Williamson is the Primary Chief Bard of Britain as far as the BDO is concerned, a title previously held by legendary 6th century bard, Taliesin. Born in Scotland, Robin was co-founder of The Incredible String Band, one of the most influential bands of the 1960s. Moving to the USA, he formed his Merry Band in the 1970s. Returning to the UK in the early 80s, he now lives in South Wales with his wife, Bina, and pursues a career as a singer-songwriter, story-teller and artist of rare talent. Robin has contributed art, song lyrics and prose to our courses and has taught weekend courses with Greywolf. He is an unfailing supporter of our work and a major inspiration to us.

OK, that's all for now. This page is a work in progress. More will follow ...