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Constitution of the BDO

Having got the first of our courses up and running has meant that, for the first time in many a long year, the BDO looks in danger of generating an income. One result of this is that we've had to think about our legal status, and this led us to draw up a new constitution for the BDO, replacing the previous one that was drawn up in 2003. The link below will open a final draft of the new constitution. We'd be happy to recieve your comments on it. I apologise in advance for the legalese jargon in which some of it is written. This is because we followed guidelines set out on a UK government website for some of it. We have, however, tried to bring it back to Druidry and humanity wherever possible.

In brief, the document sets out our status as a not-for-profit, unincorporated association. This is the legal description that best fits what we have been for years and also the one that allows us the maximum freedom from bureaucracy. The constitution also defines our principle aims and objectives, the various types of membership and how the Order is governed.

Download the BDO Constitution as a PDF