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About the BDO

The British Druid Order teaches and practices a creative, celebratory, elemental, shamanic Druidry, drawing inspiration from the past, yet deeply relevant to the needs of the present: caring for the earth, empowering the spirit, promoting peace and understanding. Inspired by the rich heritage of the British Isles, we see Druidry as a path without boundaries, open to all.

BDO Druidry is animistic, recognising all things as imbued with spirit. It is polytheistic, acknowledging many gods and goddesses. It is shamanic, knowing the reality of spirit worlds and their inhabitants. We honour our ancestors of blood and of spirit, i.e. those of our direct bloodline and those who have walked similar spiritual paths before us.

Teaching is offered through our distance learning courses (see the BDO Courses page), our other publications (see our Online Shop), and through workshops, meditational retreats, weekend gatherings and longer camps, and in local Groves (see Getting Involved and the various events links in the side menu).

Our Gorseddau (gatherings of Bards) offer open, multi-faith celebrations of seasonal festivals at sacred sites in Britain and elsewhere. Local Groves offer deeper ritual, teaching, companionship and support.

We encourage the growth of Druid communities in towns and villages around Britain.

New Constitution

In 2011, we drew up a new constitution for the BDO, setting out our status as a not-for-profit unincorporated association along with our aims, governance, membership, etc. This has since been slightly amended (August 2012). You can view it on our Forum by clicking here.