A Druidry Reference Library?

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A few people have asked me recently whether there is a singular reference book or guide for Druidry. The brief answer to that is “No” – we do not have an equivalent of a Bible or Qur’an. What we have in the BDO are our courses and they contain many references to a mutitude of texts, stories, ancient myths and tales, poetry etc. which act as a guide through your journey to becoming a Bard, Ovate or Druid.

The next question which inevitably arises is: “Where do I find all of these? Is there a library of Druidry?”

Well, no, there isn’t a library…yet.

But we’re working on it.

One very exciting phase of this new web development is that we hope to build a reference library which will contain essential texts, links to reading materials, recommendations, reviews and other resources which everyone will find helpful, whether you are undertaking one of our courses, or whether you are just curious and want to find out more about what Druidry is and what Druids do, where we get our current ideas and beliefs from and how they inform our practices and how they fit into practicing Druidry in the modern world.

Keep up to date with all developments on the site here or on our Facebook page.

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