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New website coming soon!

It's so much a part of our lives now that it's hard to believe the worldwide web has only been with us for 30 years. Those three decades have seen a rush of innovation that has been little short of miraculous. Most of us now access the web through our smart phones. This was in the realm of science fiction until less then 20 years ago. Innovation in technology has gone alongside innovation in the software that runs on it.

Back in the 90s, the BDO was one of the first Druid groups to have a website. I set it up and ran it on an Amiga computer. Anyone remember them? We've been blessed with some very smart IT people who've helped keep us up and running ever since. As a not-for-profit organisation, of course, we rely on good people who believe in what we're doing offering their time for free. This means it takes a little longer for us to update things than it otherwise might.

For the last couple of years, our talented IT folk have been quietly working away behind the scenes building us a new website. I've seen it and it's looking good. It's designed to look good on all the platforms folk are now using to access the web. There are still a few technical issues to iron out, like integrating the new webshop, making the new forum more interactive, integrating the delivery system for our courses, etc., but we should have it ready to launch soon. Yay!


Greywolf /|\

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