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It's proving a difficult year for Druid and Pagan events. The Druid Network Conference was cancelled, and we've had to cancel the forthcoming Balfolket Sound Healing Retreat, the Midsummer Night's Dreaming concert and we've scaled back the Wild Ways Mini-Folk Festival so it'll now feature Jake Thomas and Greywolf. The TDN conference was cancelled due to low advance ticket sales, the other events due to Lena of Balfolket breaking a leg and three other members of the Norwegian party having family problems that prevent them from travelling. Our advance ticket sales would have enabled us to just about cover basic expenses, but only if Elaine took nothing for the hire of Wild Ways. Everyone who has paid for tickets will, of course, be refunded.
We also had to cancel the Bardic Storytelling weekend with Robin Williamson due to poor advance bookings.
The BDO can't afford to run events at a loss. Our aim is always to offer events at the lowest possible price that will allow us to pay for venues, cover the costs of teachers, speakers and performers and pay them a little bit on top. The latter is necessary because, while capitalism survives, those of us living in capitalist countries need money to buy food and pay bills.
We are told that the British economy is recovering from recession. For most of us who live here, it isn't. Money is tight. Many of us just can't afford to attend events, however low the cost. Another factor is that there are so many events on offer these days. Twenty year ago, there were perhaps half a dozen Druid-focused events each year. Now there are often that many on a single weekend, while the number of Druids wanting to attend them hasn't grown at anything like the same rate.
It takes a lot of work to put on an event and it's always disappointing to have to cancel one. To have to cancel several in a row is quite disheartening, especially when the events in question are ones we really care about and that we think are really worthwhile. Which covers every event we do, because if we didn't think them worthwhile, we wouldn't be putting them on in the first place.
Ah well, onward and upward,
Greywolf /|\

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