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New on Greywolf’s Lair

GWat3rdBeachLaPusheditReflecting a particularly busy year for our esteemed guv'nor, a couple of recent blog posts on Greywolf's Lair may be of interest. One covers GW's recent adventures in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where he offered workshops based on our course material, including the ancient healing techniques reconstructed for our ovate course. He also got the opportunity to re-connect with the Quileute tribe out on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula and take part in their drum circle. The second comes from what GW's currently engaged in, which is helping to thatch a pair of reconstructed Iron Age roundhouses for the Museum of Welsh Life at St. Fagans in South Wales. This led him to ponder roundhouse-building traditions in both Britain and America.Me-Wuk roudhouse Chaw Se exterior

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