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Tooth & Claw Lives Again! Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

Editors, Suzanne and JakeThe in-house journal of the BDO, Tooth & Claw, is on its way back. Huzzah! Suzanne and Jake Thomas from the South Shropshire Hills will be its new editors. That's them on the right. It will be a glorious technicolour production of around 16 pages or so, sent in glorious PDF to those who buy it to download for the miniscule price of £1.50 per issue. It will be published whenever those 16 pages are full of wondrous things, stories, poetry, articles, gorgeous artwork, spectacular photos, event details and anything else which we can cram in!
This is where you come in, dear BDO member and/or friend. Please send us your bardic ramblings, tales and verses, reviews of books, camps and ceremonies, artwork, and anything else you might care to share with fellow Tooth & Claw readers to toothandclaw @ (removing the spaces of course).
Word doc and docx, jpegs, and equivalent will be appreciated, or simply copy and paste into the body of the email and we'll sort it this end.
We look forward to receiving and publishing your work. Full credits on all submissions of course. So, get writing, drawing, painting, snapping and earn yourself a free subscription for every substantial piece published. Woohoo!

2 thoughts on “Tooth & Claw Lives Again! Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

  1. elaine

    Ahhh….yipee then!! At last..well done folks. I know it's taken a while to get this far as everyone is busy with what life brings. Look forward to seeing the first one. Lots of love and Blessings on the venture.

  2. Cloud

    Oooh ... excellent! Elaine, you can disregard my question in the student forum asking about Tooth and Claw. I'm heading off to the Spirit of Folk Festival in Dunderry Park, Ireland, this weekend, and there's bound to be something interesting there to write about.

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