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Webshop temporarily offline – Drum-making on Greywolf’s Lair – BDO moving forward

Rattles & BeatersWe've been having a few problems with the software we've been using to run the BDO webshop. While our web wonder, Adam, sorts out a new software set-up we've temporarily taken the webshop offline. We expect to have it up and running again soon. Meanwhile, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. When the shop's back online, we'll be adding new items, including BDO Awen T-shirts and rattles and drum beaters made by Greywolf (left), which brings us to our next item:
Back from his trip to the USA, Greywolf has completed and posted parts two and three of his Beginner's Guide to Drum-Making on his Greywolf's Lair blog. This details how to make frame drums using traditional methods that have been used across much of the Northern hemisphere for thousands of years. Included is a truly excellent video by Salish drum-maker, Jorge Lewis as well as a video of Greywolf playing his first completed drum accompanying his wolf chant. Here are links to parts One, Two and Three.
The BDO Circle of Elders will soon be getting together to discuss how we move the Order forward. We've reached a stage in our development where we need to assign new roles that will help us provide more and better connections with members and students. There are exciting times ahead as we continue to expand and to redefine contemporary Druidry. The results of our discussions will be posted here and will also lead to changes in this website to improve accessibility to what we have to offer. At the same time, serious work is beginning on putting together the third and last of our distance learning courses, the Druid course. For an outline of some of the things that will be in it, see here.

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