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Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, July 12th-13th, 2014

The BDO and friends have been conducting blessing ceremonies for this event every year since 2006. This year is no exception. The ceremony takes place before it opens to the public, but if you contact Elaine Wildways on facebook, she may be able to arrange for you to join us. However, even if you can't make the ceremony at 10am Saturday morning, you can still enjoy an amazing weekend, and it's free! The BDO will have a stall there this year on which we'll be selling BDO publications and various products designed and made by Greywolf, who will be manning it along with his son, Joe, and Blue Fox. It's a fabulous family event and there's a huge field full of stalls selling all manner of fine products from every era of history. Plus there are entertainers, musicians, Morris dancers and a good range of food and drink available.

Latest BDO @ Tewkesbury News

BDO Awen T-ShirtTwo new BDO products for sale! First, the brand new BDO 'Be the Awen' t-shirts, available in Medium, Large and Xtra Large. Second, the new reprint of The Druid Tarot LayoutDruid Tarot, designed by Greywolf back in the early 1990s and out of print for the last 17 years. The new reprint contains four new cards, representing the four elements as stone (earth), spear (air), sword (fire) and cauldron (water). The accompanying booklet has also been hugely expanded. Also for sale on the stall will be rattles and drum beaters made by Greywolf. All these items will be Rattles & Beatersavailable soon via the BDO webshop, but if you want to get yours early, come along and meet us on the stall at Tewkesbury in the big marquee near the beer tent.

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3 thoughts on “Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, July 12th-13th, 2014

  1. LunarArcher

    Ooo look! There's me in the photo, between the Mythago morris dancer and the very tall stilt lady! In blue and white....! That day not as an archer, but as a medieval peasant dancer...Wholly recommend Tewkesbury Festival. Good times 🙂

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