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Druid 2013: The Conference!

DRUID 2013 posterCheck out the all-star line-up for what looks like being a cracking event. Previous events have been amazing, offering an opportunity to engage with a wide range of modern Druids and Druidry. Plus music, stalls, and all manner of wonderment. Check out our own events page, or the DRUID 2013 facebook page, or the DRUID 2013 website, where you can book tickets. See you there...

6 thoughts on “Druid 2013: The Conference!

  1. Geoff Brinsden

    I know little about Druidry, but am practising shamanic healing from both north and South American traditions. I want to learn more about shamanism from my own heritage, which is UK, based, and centres around my birthplace, and Fosse Way and Ridgeway history. Would this conference put me in contact with people who can help?
    Geoff Brinsden (63)

    1. Greywolf

      Hello Geoff,
      Since a lot of Druids, particularly those associated with the BDO, recognise Druidry as a Native European form of 'shamanism,' I should think there's a pretty fair chance. Some of my earliest pilgrimages many years ago were along the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire end of the Ridgeway, adding to the many inspirations that prompted me to move my family to Wiltshire.
      Many blessings,
      Greywolf /|\

  2. Dawn Eve

    I wanted to post a heartfelt thank you for today's conference. The words formulating for me on reflection were and are at present, integrity, creativity, culture, knowledge, criticality, humour and grace. I have never worked with Druids and by fate/ chance in looking for something of worth and meaning to do on my birthday I came across this gathering. I am.... undefined. Pagan, wiccan, druid, old matters not to me. What did matter was as a new face on the scene I learned so much today. Geoff, you did a fantastic job in organising the event. Thank you as I experienced it as transformative. The narratives of personal journeys interwoven with history, faith, philosophy and spirituality resonated. Bobcat moved me to tears, Philip Shallcrass journeyed me and Prof. Hutton enthralled me. Please don't leave it another 11 years! The next generation of Druids is waiting, even if they don't know it yet. Let them know.

    1. Greywolf

      Thank you Dawn,
      And apologies for taking so long to reply to your post ... I sometimes miss bits of digital reality as they spin through the electronic aether 🙂
      It was a fabulous day wasn't it? And Geoff did do a wonderful job putting it all together and hosting. I sincerely hope another one will be arranged soon and, when it is, you can be sure we'll do everything we can to promote it 😀
      Many blessings,
      Greywolf /|\

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