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Ovate Course Sampler Goes Online!

Ovate booklet 19 coverAbout six months ago, I tried editing together a sampler pdf file with selections from our new ovate course. This proved to be more difficult than I'd imagined. The course runs to about 1200 pages, over 400,000 words and more than 550 illustrations. It's structured around the interweaving of natural cycles, of sun and moon, seasonal growth and decay, birth, life and death. It includes suggested texts for rites of passage and ceremonies of celebration. It traces the universal cycle from the moment of creation through to potential dissolution, both as revealed through science and in the myths of our ancestors. It delves into realms of seership, divination, astrology, philosophy, healing, herbalism, Otherworlds and other ways of seeing and being. Selecting just  few pages to try and represent all this material wasn't easy. I was unable to complete it to my satisfaction, then life, other work and The World Drum led me away down other paths for a while. However, the sampler was not forgotten, so the other day I took another crack at it. It's still not possible to give more than a brief flavour of what's on offer, but a little taste is better than nothing, so I re-edited, shortened some pieces and added a few others. The resulting pdf file can be accessed by clicking here: BDO Ovate Course Sampler and is also available on the ovate course page.We're very, very excited to have this course online. We felt we'd done a good job on the bardic course, and feedback from it suggests that we have. With the ovate course, however, we feel we've upped our game to a whole other level. We believe that it represents a uniquely powerful vision of contemporary Druidry as a native spirituality of true depth and value, especially, of course, to those seeking a path rooted in the land and ancestry of Britain and Europe, yet viable for anyone, anywhere in the world. We love it, and we hope you will too.
NB. We have been asked if it is necessary to have completed our bardic course before you can access the ovate course. The answer is yes. This is because the ovate course builds on foundations laid in the bardic course and frequently refers back to information found in it.
Many blessings,
Greywolf /|\

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