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World Drum update …

We brought the World Drum to Ironbridge, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution that did so much to remove so many of us from contact with the land. Before the Industrial Revolution, about 80% of us in Britain lived and worked on the land. 20 years after it, 80% of us were living in towns and working in factories. The rite we made there was the smallest so far, with only about nine of us taking part, but it was good. We spoke of peace at the town's war memorial before moving onto the iron bridge itself, where the Drum sounded out. Below us flowed the great River Severn, sacred to the goddess Sabrina. With its flowing waters, we sent our prayers for a renewal of reverence for our Mother Earth and an end to greed and exploitation.

Like our World Drum ceremony on Glastonbury Tor, the one on Clee Hill in Shropshire was again blessed with beautiful sunshine and brilliant blue skies. There must be something about the World Drum and high places... Winding our way up Clee Hill we must have looked a little like the Fellowship of the Ring striding across stone and turf and, in places, still deep snow. Because of the snow, we had all thought it would be freezing on top of the Hill. In fact, it was very mild and there was very little wind.Morten Wolf's 'Speech for Mother Earth' opened our rite, and then we drummed, passing the World Drum around the circle as well as playing our own. We chanted our awens and sent good energy flowing out across the land. It is indeed a very beautiful place with the most amazing panoramic views across a huge swathe of the West Midlands. There are ancient burial mounds and even a Giant's Chair. I can see why Suzanne Thomas, whose idea this rite was, is so keen on the place.

Also thanks to Suzanne, we had the unusual experience of drumming in a public library in Ludlow in Shropshire. This followed a session where we introduced the Drum and its many journeys to a group of children.

We also drummed with a 1600 year old yew tree in the churchyard at Hope Bagot, also in Shropshire.

This weekend, we take the Drum to North Wales and to the sacred Druid isle of Anglesey. Should be good ...

Many blessings,Greywolf /|\

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