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The World Drum, UK 2013, March-April

The World Drum is about to begin its travels around the UK, beginning with a rite among the great sarsen stones of Avebury in Wiltshire on Saturday, March 30th, meeting at 11.30am. Avebury has always seemed to me a great and welcoming, maternal place, so to bring the Drum that bears the heartbeat of Mother Earth to Avebury is, as they say, a no-brainer 😉Glastonbury TorThe following day, the Drum travels to Glastonbury Tor, again gathering for the rite at 11.30am. At Glastonbury, we aim to work with the goddess Britannia, the female spirit of our land, and with Albion, the male (some say androgynous) spirit of the people of Britain ... all the people, whatever their geographical or racial origins ... for we are a rainbow nation comprised of the different folks who have arrived in these lands since the end of the last Ice Age. We shall ask these two great spirits to spread the messages of the Drum, messages of peace and reverence, throughout our own lands and to lands beyond, through the Drum, the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.
The weather here in the UK is unseasonably cold, much of the country being under snow and in the grip of Winter. Avebury and Glastonbury look set to be cold, but both lie outside the zone of snow that's blanketing the North and East. Winds also look like being light over the weekend, so we should be OK. Do wrap up warm for both events though. Bring drums and Ironbridge, Shropshiredance, it's a good way to keep warm 🙂
Next Wednesday, we head North, gathering again at Ironbridge in Shropshire, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution that has brought so many benefits and so many problems to humankind. The World Drum is a call to restore a spiritual balance to our relationship with Mother Earth, while the Industrial Revolution brought about the beginning of the wholesale stripping of resources from the Earth, itself leading to widespread ecological problems and pollution of air and water. To counteract the harm being done by industrial processes, we need to clean them up, recycle rather than mine, phase out the use of non-biodegradable plastics, and build to last instead of to fall apart and be replaced. We need to replace the capitalist notion of producing for profit with the egalitarian concept of producing for use. End of sermon...
And then on to Titterstone Clee, Cae Mabon, Anglesey and Wildways ... Much to do ... May our endeavours be blessed. Join us if you can, join the beat of your own Drum, your own heart, with the beat of the World Drum, the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.
Many blessings,
Greywolf /|\

For details of all these events, including maps showing how to get to them, go to The World Drum events page and click on the individual events.

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