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Latest News on the World Drum & Druid Hedge Schools Weekend

The World Drum
The World Drum

As mentioned in an earlier post, White Cougar, the shaman whose vision inspired the creation of the World Drum, is joining us for this weekend, along with Morten Wolf Storeide, who has been overseeing the Drum's travels around the world for the last seven years. While they're with us, we have a wonderful opportunity to join with them in a Saami rite of blessing and healing. This will use the World Drum and a healing plant called chaga and will be on Friday evening. Saturday will see the main Druid Hedge Schools teaching sessions, beginning in the morning, breaking for lunch and running all afternoon.
Saturday evening is the main eisteddfod with special musical guests, Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band), Andy Letcher (singer-songwriter with Telling the Bees), Greywolf, The Northern Lights Shamanic Band and Jake Thomas. There will also be music on Friday and Sunday. Sunday there will be more Hedge Schools Druidry, including forest skills in the 40 acres of beautiful woodland, as well as further ritual and entertainment. Sunday lunchtime, as well as the shared meal, there will be a bring-and-buy market and more live music, followed by our farewell ceremony with the World Drum. Yay! Come and join us. This weekend is offered at a bargain price as Elaine and Garth at Wildways are providing everything at cost. We don't anticipate making any profit from this weekend, but that's not what it's about. It's about spreading the word, making ritual, making friends and sharing music and magic.

Check out these tracks by some of the guests at our Saturday night concert: Greywolf -  Robin Williamson - Andy Letcher! The Northern Lights Shamanic Band -

For more details and booking, go to the Events Page. Or download this PDF Leaflet.

For information on the chaga plant and its medicinal uses, go to

3 thoughts on “Latest News on the World Drum & Druid Hedge Schools Weekend

  1. Greywolf

    The line-up for this weekend keeps getting better and better. I'm really looking forward to the chaga ceremony with White Cougar and Morten Wolf Storeide; to hearing Wolf, Cougar and their friend, Lena, perform as The Northern Lights Shamanic Band; to enjoying a set from my old friend, Andy Letcher; and, of course, to hearing Robin Williamson, who has had a greater influence on my life and music than any other musician. All this and eight teachers from all over the country teaching aspects of Druidry from meditation to forest skills... Oh yes, and 40 acres of beautiful woodland in Springtime ... and good friends ... Life can be good sometimes 🙂

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