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Events Booking Online In Miracle of Modern Technology!

As part of our ongoing plan to merge BDO Druidry with the surrounding wonderment that is the 21st century, we now have online booking available for two wondrous weekend events occurring in April next year. The first is at Cae Mabon in North Wales, a remarkable venue with a roundhouse, long-house, hot tub, &c, all in a beautiful woodland valley setting, and will be centred around the World Drum, with a visit to nearby Anglesey, an important centre of Druidry 2,000 years ago and still home to some remarkable ancient sacred sites. The second is the launch weekend for the Druid Hedge Schools Project and will feature workshops and music from an assortment of guests, including our very own Greywolf and other contributors to our courses. This will take place at Wildways, a remarkable venue with a roundhouse, long-house, sauna, &c, all in a beautiful woodland valley setting (hmm, that sounds familiar). Book for both events via our Events Page and ensure some Springtime magic. /|\

In the meantime, if I don't get another chance to get online with an update between now and then, may I take this opportunity to wish all our visitors and our many friends around the world a happy, peaceful, warm and loving Midwinter, from all of us at the BDO /|\

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