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As you may have noticed, we're in the process of making changes on the website that should make navigating around it easier and also enable us to add more pages. Among other things, we plan to have a gallery page, a blog and, perhaps most important, a contacts page.

Work is progressing on our new ovate course, albeit more slowly than planned due to that curious pattern of events, accidents and adventures we call 'life.' My belief in the course has grown as it has grown. Right at the beginning, I was concerned that we'd put so much into our bardic course that there wouldn't be enough left for an ovate. I couldn't have been more wrong. The ovate course is, in fact, almost twice the length of the bardic and full of amazing stuff. I can say that because a lot of it is written by other hands. We have a whole cycle of seasonal rituals composed by Elaine Wildways, who has also provided a number of rites of passage for women. Well-known Pagan author, Elen Hawke, has written a cycle of rites and meditations for the phases of the moon, and on sidereal astrology. Leon Reed writes on astrology and herbalism, and we also have contributions from Blue Fox, who provided so much of our bardic course, and others. I am, I have to admit, quietly pleased with my own contributions too.

As with the putting together of the bardic course, I have found editing the ovate course a stimulating, educational and inspirational experience. Among other things, I've learned about the links between the Celts of the classical period with neighbouring civilisations; ancient Greek philosophy; the Hindu Ayurvedic system, and the origins of the universe. One of the things I'm most pleased with is that I finally came to understand a medieval Irish text I'd known for years, and, having begun to understand it, it led me to develop a whole group of therapeutic techniques based on it that one medical professional has described as having the potential to be 'bigger than Reiki.'

A pdf sample containing extracts from the ovate course will be posted on the Ovate Course page soon. The one for the bardic course is already available on the Bardic Course page at the foot of the text.

Back soon with further news.

Many blessings,

Greywolf /|\

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